Retrieves a document job in the form of a response object containing the document job parameters. Remark: if using Json, a GUID must not contain dashes (-), unlike XML.

HTTP method: GET
Autorization model: Minimum secondary apikey is needed for this operation.
Subscription needed: "Sign document offline"
  • jobid: The ID (GUID) of the requested document job (FromUri)
Response example
    "Id": "25b884825ab44850ac39a08a00d4d3ae",
    "ProviderId": "1d4c883ed2ce48c8b4a9a08a00d4d3a4",
    "Contact_Name": "John Doe",
    "Contact_Phone": "+4722334455",
    "Contact_Mobile": "+4799887766",
    "Contact_Email": "",
    "Contact_Url": ""
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<DocumentJobResponse xmlns:i="" xmlns="">
   <Contact_Name>John Doe</Contact_Name>
   <Documents i:nil="true" />
   <ProviderName i:nil="true" />
Name Type Description Example value Nullable Enum
Contact_Email String The e-mail address to the contact person False False
Contact_Mobile String The mobile phone number to the contact person +4799887766 False False
Contact_Name String The name of the document provider's contact person John Doe False False
Contact_Phone String The phone number to the contact person +4722334455 False False
Contact_Url String An URL for contact details. For instance the contact person's profile/home page on the public sites of the document provider False False
List of DocumentResponse The documents that are associated with the document job False False
Id Guid The ID (GUID) of the document job 25B884825AB44850AC39A08A00D4D3AE False False
ProviderId Guid The ID (GUID) of the document provider owning the document job 1D4C883ED2CE48C8B4A9A08A00D4D3A4 False False
ProviderName String False False