Retrieves a document provider account (information such as the provider's username, billing address etc). Remark: if using Json, a GUID must not contain dashes (-), unlike XML.

HTTP method: GET
Autorization model: Minimum secondary apikey is needed for this operation.
  • ProviderId: The document provider ID (GUID) (FromUri)
Response example
    "ProviderId": "1d4c883ed2ce48c8b4a9a08a00d4d3a4",
    "Name": "The Bank",
    "MvaNumber": "987654321",
    "LegalContactName": "James Dean",
    "LegalContactPhone": "+4722334455",
    "LegalContactMobile": "+4799887766",
    "LegalContactEmail": "",
    "BillingAddress1": "Karl Johans gate 1",
    "BillingAddress2": "Trondheimsveien 1",
    "BillingPostalCode": "0020",
    "BillingCity": "Oslo",
    "BillingCountry": "Norway",
    "LastLogin": "2012-10-10T17:10:03.0000000",
    "FailedLoginCount": 0,
    "DealerId": "5515acea4896460c875fa08a00d4d3a9",
    "BillingPlan": "Large",
    "AllowedIPs": ",",
    "CompanyPhone": "+4755225522",
    "CompanyEmail": "",
    "CompanyUrl": "",
    "SMSSender": "UniPluss",
    "EmailSenderAddress": "",
    "HaveOwnBankIdCertificate": true,
    "PrePaid": true,
    "DemoProvider": true
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<DocumentProviderResponse xmlns:i="" xmlns="">
   <BillingAddress1>Karl Johans gate 1</BillingAddress1>
   <BillingAddress2>Trondheimsveien 1</BillingAddress2>
   <BillingState i:nil="true" />
   <DealerReference i:nil="true" />
   <LegalContactName>James Dean</LegalContactName>
   <Name>The Bank</Name>
Name Type Description Example value Nullable Enum
AllowedIPs String If you want to limit the request to the API for your account to a certain IP-addresses then you can speficfy them as a comma seperated string., False False
BillingAddress1 String The document provider's primary billing address Karl Johans gate 1 False False
BillingAddress2 String The document provider's secondary billing address Trondheimsveien 1 False False
BillingCity String The city in the billing address Oslo False False
BillingCountry String The country in the billing address Norway False False
BillingPlan String The document provider's chosen billing plan. For more information, see Large False False
BillingPostalCode String The postal code 0020 False False
BillingState String The state in the billing address (not necessary in Norway) False False
CompanyEmail String Company main emailadress False False
CompanyPhone String Phone number to the company/organization +4755225522 False False
CompanyUrl String Url to the company web-site. False False
DealerId Guid The ID (GUID) of the dealer that serves the document provider 5515ACEA4896460C875FA08A00D4D3A9 False False
DealerReference String The document provider's customer reference with the dealer, used when invoicing. False False
DemoProvider Boolean Is this a demo account true False False
EmailSenderAddress String Email address use as sender when sending email from this provider False False
FailedLoginCount Int32 The number of failed login attempts for the given document provider 0 False False
HaveOwnBankIdCertificate Boolean Does this provider have their own BankId certificate true False False
LastLogin DateTime The last time of login for the given document provider 2012-10-10T17:10:03.0000000 True False
LegalContactEmail String Email address to the legal contact person False False
LegalContactMobile String Mobile phone number to the legal contact person +4799887766 False False
LegalContactName String Name of the document provider's legal contact person James Dean False False
LegalContactPhone String Phone number to the legal contact person +4722334455 False False
MvaNumber String The MVA/organization number of the document provider 987654321 False False
Name String The name of the document provider The Bank False False
PrePaid Boolean Is this a prepaid account true False False
ProviderId Guid The unique ID (GUID) for the document provider that was created 1D4C883ED2CE48C8B4A9A08A00D4D3A4 False False
SMSSender String The text or number used as sender in the SMS UniPluss False False