Get status of the BankID mobile Sign session

HTTP method: GET
Autorization model: Primary apikey is needed for this operation.
Subscription needed: "Sign document online"
  • SigneeRefId: The ID of the Signeeref trygin to sign with BankID mobile (FromUri)
Response example
    "UserAborted": true,
    "ErrorCode": "Unkown",
    "ErrorMessage": "Unkown or blank",
    "Signed": true
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<BankIDMobileSignStatusResponse xmlns:i="" xmlns="">
   <ErrorMessage>Unkown or blank</ErrorMessage>
Name Type Description Example value Nullable Enum
ErrorCode String Error code from BankID or InternalError if the error occured within Unkown False False
ErrorMessage String Errorstack from BankID, do not always containt data Unkown or blank False False
Signed Boolean Is the document signed true False False
UserAborted Boolean Is the process aborted by the user true False False