Gets a signed form from DocumentID

HTTP method: GET
Autorization model: Minimum secondary apikey is needed for this operation.
Subscription needed: "Sign document using forms"
  • documentid: DocumentID for the signed form (FromUri)
Response example
    "Id": "8210132929654b8eb02bd7e33250c069",
    "DocumentId": "7230132929654b8eb02bd7e33250c069",
    "Name": "Sign up for new account",
    "Filename": "contract.pdf"
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<FormSignedResponse xmlns:i="" xmlns="">
   <Name>Sign up for new account</Name>
   <Signatures i:nil="true" />
Name Type Description Example value Nullable Enum
DocumentId Guid Signed document Id 72301329-2965-4b8e-b02b-d7e33250c069 False False
Filename String The file name of the document (with file extension). Following formats are supported: pdf and xml. contract.pdf False False
Id Guid Form Id 82101329-2965-4b8e-b02b-d7e33250c069 False False
Name String The name/title for the form. Used as document title when the form is signed Sign up for new account False False
List of FormSignaturesResponse Signed document signatures False False