This API endpoint is deprecated read description below for more information!

Retrives a SignereID session to get the information aboute the authorized user

HTTP method: GET
Autorization model: Minimum secondary apikey is needed for this operation.
Subscription needed: "SignereID"
  • RequestId: (string) The requestid returned in the one returned when the SignereID session is created (FromUri)
  • metadata: Boolean (true/false) Include metadata with the reponse. See documentation on metadata for more info about content. (FromUri)
Response example
    "Name": "Stein Olav Hagen Davidsen",
    "FirstName": "Stein",
    "MiddleName": "Olav Hagen",
    "LastName": "Davidsen",
    "DateOfBirth": "071283",
    "Status": "LOGIN",
    "MetaData": [
            "Key": "user.certificate.json",
            "Value": ""
            "Key": "user.certificate.json",
            "Value": ""
    "SocialSecurityNumber": "23071212345",
    "IdentityProviderUniqueId": "9578-6000-4-48855",
    "UserAgent": "WIN",
    "IPAddress": "",
    "IdentityProvider": "NO_BANKID_WEB",
    "ErrorCode": "C307",
    "ErrorMessage": "PKI modul i SIM kort er blokkert."
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<SignereIdResponse xmlns:i="" xmlns="">
   <ErrorMessage>PKI modul i SIM kort er blokkert.</ErrorMessage>
   <MiddleName>Olav Hagen</MiddleName>
   <Name>Stein Olav Hagen Davidsen</Name>
Name Type Description Example value Nullable Enum
DateOfBirth String The users date of birth 071283 False False
ErrorCode String Errorcode from the identityprovider C307 False False
ErrorMessage String Error message PKI modul i SIM kort er blokkert. False False
FirstName String The users fullname Stein False False
IdentityProviderType The identificationprovider used NO_BANKID_WEB False True
IdentityProviderUniqueId String The person's unique personal identifier (PID) from the IdentityProvider (supported by Norwegian BankID) this is just as unique but not as sensitive as socialsecuritynumber 9578-6000-4-48855 False False
IPAddress String The IP-address of the user False False
LastName String The users fullname Davidsen False False
List of MetaData A dicitonary with extra information from each identityprovider, and extra services. See extra doumentation at the top of the page False False
MiddleName String The users fullname Olav Hagen False False
Name String The users fullname Stein Olav Hagen Davidsen False False
SocialSecurityNumber String The persons socialsecuritynumber, only if it's GetSocialSecurityNumber is set to true in the request. 23071212345 False False
Status The status of the login LOGIN False True
UserAgent String The useragent for the user WIN False False