1. Create an API account

In order to use the Signere.no API, it is necessary to open a user account. This can be done in two ways: either by using the REST API or by registering here. To create an account using the API, perform an HTTP request like in the following example:

POST https://api.signere.no/DocumentProvider/ HTTP/1.1

API-TIMESTAMP: 2013-01-17T09:02:10

Accept: application/json

Content-Type: application/json; charset=UTF-8

Expect: 100-continue

Connection: Keep-Alive


"Name": "The Company",

"MvaNumber": "987654321",

"CompanyPhone": "+4755225522",

"CompanyEmail": "post@company.com",

"CompanyUrl": "https://www.company.com",

"LegalContactName": "James Dean",

"LegalContactPhone": "+4722334455",

"LegalContactMobile": "+4799887766",

"LegalContactEmail": "legal@company.com",

"BillingAddress1": "Karl Johans gate 1",

"BillingPostalCode": "0020",

"BillingCity": "Oslo",

"BillingCountry": "Norway",

"BillingPlan": "Large",

"AllowedIPs": ",",

"DealerId": "5515acea4896460c875fa08a00d4d3a9",

"DealerReference": "114104",

"OrderBankIDCertificateToMe": true,

"SMSSender": "UniPluss",

"EmailSenderAddress": post@firma.no


Note that not all optional parameters are included in the example above. For instance, if you would like to supply the logo of your company, this can be included as a base-64 encoded string. See the documentation for more information.

Signere.no will issue some keys that are required when using the API. Upon successful creation of the account, the server will return the following message:






When you receive this message, the account is activated, and no further action is required in that regard. For future reference, the ID and the keys are available on the Signere.no portal. In the “Min side” tab, choose “Vis API-informasjon”:


Both the account ID and the primary/secondary keys are shown in a popup window:


The “Provider ID”, “Primary account key” and “Secondary account key” referred to in the documentation, correspond to “Bruker-ID”, “Primærnøkkel” and “Sekundærnøkkel”, respectively.

The provider ID is an identifier for the account. The primary and secondary keys are private keys and should not be shared outside of the organization. The primary key gives access to administrator privileges, like editing the account. The secondary key is sufficient for creating and viewing documents.

2. Start coding

With an activated user account, you can start using the API right away. Follow the documentation to create http requests and implement services manually or, if developing in .NET, download the Signere.no client library here. An advantage of using the client library is that all communication and security mechanisms are handled internally, and you can focus on creating the service.

Here you can find some code examples with the client library in .NET to get you started.